Marilyn has cared for disabled and elderly clients in Colorado for more than 20 years but still struggles to make ends meet.

My name is Marilyn Sorenson and I’m a home health care worker. I have cared for high-needs disabled and elderly clients for more than 20 years. It’s a blessing to be able to care for them and to be their eyes and ears to protect them.

I earned $9 an hour for way more than 10 years. Just in the last couple of months did I switch jobs to make a little more. Even though I make so little, I have to pay for my own gas and car maintenance to travel to all my clients’ homes to take care of them. I’m working hard but still living in poverty – I am one paycheck away from being homeless. I literally have to balance every dime to make sure I eat every day.

The truth is that the cost of everything has gone up over the years but my paycheck hasn’t kept up. People like me who work hard should be able to keep a roof over our heads and food on the table. But more and more of us can’t afford even the basics. We are not getting by.

It’s exciting to work on this ballot initiative and I can’t wait to start collecting signatures to get it on the ballot. Passing the $12 by 2020 ballot initiative is the fair thing to do so hardworking Coloradans can make ends meet without public assistance.