While COVID-19 has damaged every aspect of the economy, it has without a doubt hurt low-wage earners and working families the most. With little to no savings, no paid sick leave, and no options for new employment available, America’s families are struggling.

Congress has already allocated $2 trillion in bailout money — but so far it has only included a one-time payment for workers, which simply isn’t enough to get us through this crisis. Politicians have also refused to guarantee paid sick leave for about 75 percent of Americans — many of whom continue to put their lives at risk to keep the rest of us afloat.

In a new poll done on behalf of The Fairness Project, Benenson Strategy Group finds that Americans overwhelmingly want workers to be the priority for additional relief — not business or industry. They also want permanent solutions like paid sick leave guarantees for all workers and a $15 an hour minimum wage adopted.

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