During the last election, voters in America’s heartland made it clear they want more health care — not less. And now that call for change is growing.

A broad coalition of Oklahoma doctors, nurses, business leaders, and voters recently announced they too want a chance to cast their ballots for Medicaid expansion. The campaign would deliver life-saving care to nearly 200,000 Americans and ensure that politicians respect the outcome of the election.

The Fairness Project supports the right of Oklahomans to decide what’s best for their health care. After all, Oklahomans have been waiting nearly a decade for a health care solution, and that’s far too long.

In 2018, voters in Nebraska, Idaho, and Utah chose to expand Medicaid. Now, it’s Oklahomans turn to decide if they want their neighbors to have access to affordable care.

State residents will need to collect nearly 178,000 signatures to put the issue on the ballot.

Watch the campaign launch video below, and take a moment to get involved in the fight for affordable health care.