For Immediate Release: Thursday, January 11, 2018
Washington, DC –Jonathan Schleifer, Executive Director of The Fairness Project, released the following statement today after the Trump administration announced it would allow states to enact Medicaid work requirements.
“This is the latest in a string of White House policies that cruelly and needlessly seek to stigmatize people for being poor.
“The administration knows full well that most Medicaid recipients are already working, and the majority of those who aren’t employed suffer from physical and mental illnesses that prevent them from holding a job. This seems little more than an attempt to humiliate people who work hard but unfortunately have employers who do not provide health care coverage.
“We should make it easier for people to access health care, not harder. Across the country, states that have expanded Medicaid are finding it has dramatically improved the health and financial stability of its citizens. The impact of Medicaid can be seen in everything from fewer bankruptcies and less payday lending to fewer people dying from cancer.
Here are just some of the ways Medicaid expansion is benefitting Americans and saving lives:
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The Fairness Project is a national organization dedicated to bolstering ballot initiative campaigns and driving a national narrative to elevate issues of economic fairness. In 2016, The Fairness Project was engaged in nearly every significant campaign to raise the minimum wage – Arizona, California, Colorado, Maine, Washington, and Washington D.C. And in 2017, The Fairness Project supported Maine’s first-in-the-nation ballot to expand Medicaid, resulting in coverage for an additional 70,000 people. This year, The Fairness Project will support ballots across the country that raise the minimum wage, expand Medicaid and provide paid leave and earned sick time for workers.