WASHINGTON – Voters sent a clear message this week that healthcare is the dominant issue voters care about and they are willing to take matters into their own hands. Nowhere was that clearer than in Maine, which became the first state to successfully use a ballot initiative to expand Medicaid. Looking forward, Frederick Isai, the Executive Director of Families USA, and Jonathan Schleifer, the Executive Director of The Fairness Project, penned an op-ed for CNN about the victory’s impact on other states in 2018.

“This extraordinary ballot box accomplishment by state voters — and by grass-roots organizers — could potentially spark a movement across the country to expand and lock in Medicaid access, bringing health care to millions of Americans. It’s already happening in Alaska and Utah, where similar campaigns are getting off the ground. Idaho may be next.

“And local groups around the country have been watching closely to see if success in Maine could herald potential success in their own states.”

The full text of the op-ed can be read here.