Today hardworking Americans fired a billionaire.

The Fairness Project issued the following statement after the White House announced Andrew Puzder (CEO of CKE) would no longer be considered for the Labor Secretary position today.

Jonathan Schleifer, Executive Director, The Fairness Project:
“Today, Andy Puzder didn’t withdraw his nomination – he was fired by American workers fed up with a system that puts profits before people. Since last November when voters overwhelmingly supported initiatives to raise wages and bring paid sick leave to millions, Americans are demanding that their leaders move towards a fairer economy. Today, their Senators listened and stopped Puzder and his anti-worker agenda. Now it’s time for the White House to make good on their promise and appoint a leader that advocates for working families.”
The Fairness Project is a national organization dedicated to bolstering ballot initiative campaigns and driving a national narrative to elevate issues of economic fairness. In 2016, The Fairness Project was engaged in nearly every significant campaign to raise the minimum wage – Arizona, California, Colorado, Maine, Washington and Washington, D.C.  Working with partner organizations, these efforts resulted in improved pay for eight million workers and paid sick leave for two million.