Real Time Counter Calculates the Additional Money Workers are Earning as a Result of 2016 Ballot Initiatives

Washington – The Fairness Project has launched a new tool that quantifies the minute-by-minute impact of increased wages resulting from minimum wage ballot initiatives in 2016.

Data provided by Economic Policy Institute
“These days there is a lot of uncertainty for America’s workers, but since January 1st workers in five states have counted on taking home more money in every paycheck for their hard work,” said Jonathan Schleifer, executive director of The Fairness Project. “With this counter, Americans can clearly see how ballot initiatives have enabled voters to improve the lives of low-wage workers and their families. These workers don’t have to wait for a change in Congress, a new President, or a Labor Secretary who doesn’t want hourly wages increased, they can do it themselves.”

Using data provided by the Economic Policy Institute, The Fairness Project calculated that minimum wage workers cumulatively are taking in $5,667 more each minute thanks to ballot measure efforts in Arizona, California, Colorado, Maine and Washington state. In real time, the counter shows the total amount workers have earned this year due to the minimum wage increases.

The Fairness Project is beginning to work with new partners to raise the wage and address economic equality issues such as paid sick leave, fair scheduling, and others that fix our broken economy.