WASHINGTON – Jonathan Schleifer, the Executive Director of The Fairness Project, released the following statement today after President Trump signed an executive order to sabotage the Affordable Care Act’s health insurance markets.

“Donald Trump’s attempts to get a repeal of the ACA through Congress failed miserably and today’s executive order is his latest vicious attempt to fulfill a campaign promise to destroy the program. His own administration admits that this order will increase health care costs for seniors and people with pre-existing conditions, and it will create giant loopholes for people to buy insurance outside of the ACA’s markets.

“All previous attempts to repeal the ACA crashed and burned because Americans are sick and tired of the president and Washington politicians playing political games with their health care. That’s why they are taking matters into their own hands and going on offense. Voters in Alaska, Maine, and Utah have already launched ballot initiatives to either expand Medicaid or protect insurance reforms, two ACA provisions that have saved lives and made America healthier. No one should have to choose between healing themselves and feeding themselves just so Republican leadership can keep their malicious political promise. The American people are going to prove that point at the ballot box where it counts the most.”