This Black History Month, we’re honoring Black Americans who have been involved in the fight for economic fairness. We’re also highlighting how policies like health care, higher wages, and paid leave support the fight for racial and economic justice. For too long, implicit and explicit racism has harmed people of color, especially Black people. By passing fair economic policies, we can help all people and their families thrive.

At The Fairness Project, we help voters pass progressive policies at the ballot box to support working people and their families. Here are some important policy changes that voters want implemented now, and how they would affect the lives of Black Americans:

Expand Health Care
Black Americans are more likely to be uninsured than their white counterparts, which means fewer health screenings and care for long-term illnesses like cancer and heart disease. All states should expand Medicaid to ensure more people have access to life-saving health care.

Stop Predatory Lending
Every year, 12% of Black Americans borrow loans from payday lenders. These predatory loans often carry annual interest rates as high as 400%.

All consumers should be protected from predatory lending.

Guarantee Paid Leave for All
The need for paid leave has intensified during the pandemic. Now, and after the pandemic, workers shouldn’t have to choose between earning income or taking care of ill loved ones. Black and Latinx workers make up a disproportionate amount of the frontline workforce, and many lack paid leave. It’s time for paid leave.

End Poverty Wages
It’s long past time to raise the minimum wage. Now, more than ever, we need to put money back into people’s pockets and help families recover from this pandemic and thrive.

By raising the wage to $15/hr by 2024, 38% of all Black workers would see a pay increase.

At The Fairness Project, we help states and localities across the United States pass policies like these and more to create a more fair country.




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