I have some big news to share: after five incredible years, I am stepping down as The Fairness Project’s Executive Director and passing the baton to a teammate I’ve worked closely with for the last four years, Kelly Hall.

I started at The Fairness Project in the fall of 2016, and it’s been the best work of my career. During one of the toughest periods for progressives and when America seemed most divided, our team at The Fairness Project made real progress and showed the nation what’s possible when people come together and fight for real change.

Kelly has been with The Fairness Project for almost as long as I have. She’s been our Director of Policy and Partnerships for over four years, has worked closely with our campaigns, and has been integral to our successes over the past several years. She’s unwavering in her commitment to TFP’s mission and exceptional at organizing the diverse coalitions that have been critical to our campaigns. She also worked on Capitol Hill during the drafting and passage of the Affordable Care Act and in President Obama’s Administration helping to implement the law.

I’ve seen Kelly in action and I know that she’s the right person to carry forward TFP’s important work and expand our impact to reach even more working families. I hope you’ll join me in welcoming Kelly to her new role.

Even though I’m leaving the TFP staff, I will always be one of its biggest supporters — and I hope you will continue to be too.  

Together, we made history and changed nearly 18 million lives during some of the most challenging years in memory! We’ve won 20 of 21 campaigns, but winning campaigns is only meaningful for what it means in terms of impacting people’s lives.

And when it comes to impact, we’ve accomplished some incredible things together:

  • Put over $19 BILLION in the pockets of working people through minimum wage increases in nine states
  • Ensured paid leave for 5.6 MILLION people
  • Expanded Medicaid for over 830,000 people in red and purple states

Together, while America is deeply divided by political leaders pursuing a politics of power and self-interest, we’ve focused on impact and action.

Through our people-powered campaigns, we’ve proven that Americans in red, purple, and blue states want — and are willing to vote for — higher wages, expanded health care coverage, paid leave, and curbing predatory lenders.

Our political system may be broken, and too many politicians may ignore the needs of their constituents, but people across the country — Democrats and Republicans, in rural areas and cities — are willing to organize, work, and vote for progress. I think that’s simply awesome and gives me hope for the future.

One more thing, perhaps the most important. Before I say goodbye, I hope you will join me in thanking the fantastic TFP team. I’ve worked with many great teams in my career, but their expertise and commitment to this work continually blow me away. I can’t wait to see where they take what we’ve built together and what incredible things they accomplish with your continued partnership.

Thank you again for your partnership in this work.

Looking forward –