When extremist politicians and special interest groups went to war against the Affordable Care Act, The Fairness Project chose to go on offense to expand access to care for low-income Americans, prove that opponents of health care access got it wrong, and change the political calculus. Together, we took the fight directly to voters in red states where millions have been left behind, and we won big.

In 2017, we worked with grassroots allies to win the first-ever Medicaid expansion initiative in Maine. In 2018, we took our fight for Medicaid expansion to Utah, Nebraska, and Idaho, proving that Americans everywhere want more health care — not less. And in 2020, while the Trump Administration worked to destroy the Affordable Care Act in the courts, we went even further, helping voters in Oklahoma and Missouri reject the assault on our health care by making Medicaid expansion a constitutional right that politicians can never take away.

Together, we’ve delivered health care to 830,000 Americans, begun addressing important racial and gender health outcomes in communities across the country, and changed the political math by increasing the number of lawmakers representing Medicaid expansion states to almost 60% in each house of Congress.

Now, in the midst of a pandemic that has disproportionately affected communities of color and low-income workers, our fight is more important than ever. Too many Americans have lost their private insurance, and millions of essential workers, who continue to put themselves at risk for all of us, remain without access to basic medical care. That has to change.

Fuel our next round of health care initiatives. Help us launch new state campaigns for 2022.

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