Probably stating the obvious but:

When you get a raise, you see and feel the impact in every single paycheck.

With each paycheck you can pay off a little more of your debt, maybe work a little less and rest more, or start saving for your kids’ college. That’s why increases in the minimum wage are such powerful policy wins. Some of the hardest-working, lowest-paid workers go home with more money to spend on themselves and their family.

Though Congress hasn’t raised the minimum wage in 8 years, we had such wins last November. Voters in Arizona, Colorado, Maine, and Washington state voted to raise the minimum wage for millions of their neighbors and make payday better for working families. Add to that initiatives in California and Washington D.C. that moved legislators to raise wages, these voters took action at the ballot box and enacted higher wages for millions of Americans.

The Fairness Project backs minimum wage ballot initiatives like these because we can profoundly impact the lives of millions of Americans — with just one election. Make no mistake: There is a long war for economic fairness, but we can win these fights. But every win is felt in every single paycheck.

Each week, 4.2 million workers across these states are bringing home an additional $57 million per week. Already, these workers have made $482 million more than they did last year and every second that amount only increases.

How do we know? We started counting soon after the new year.

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