The Supreme Court upheld the nation’s landmark health care law today, preserving all of the essential protections and benefits of the Affordable Care Act, and including Medicaid expansion, pre-existing condition protections, and health insurance for more than 20 million Americans.

The court ruled that Texas and other state plaintiffs did not have standing to bring litigation following Congress’ decision in 2017 to eliminate the tax penalty for failing to comply with the individual mandate.

“Today’s ruling is a huge victory for all Americans,” said Kelly Hall, executive director of The Fairness Project. “We’re particularly happy that the court has once again protected Medicaid expansion for millions of Americans, including those in Missouri, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Utah, Idaho, and Maine, who organized, campaigned, and voted to expand health care coverage. The Supreme Court affirmed the will of the people today, and that’s cause for celebration.

“Extremists in the Republican Party have waged a war on health care for more than a decade, and now they’ve officially struck out. Hopefully, today’s ruling is a watershed moment, and politicians will start actually listening to what voters want.”

In recent years, Americans in even the deepest of red states have voted for Medicaid expansion, making it clear that Americans want more healthcare — not less. Oklahoma and Missouri voted for Medicaid expansion in 2020, and Utah, Nebraska, and Idaho voted for it in 2018. Maine voted for Medicaid expansion in 2017, and the issue is expected to be on the ballot in South Dakota in 2022. The Fairness Project has played a pivotal role in every Medicaid expansion ballot measure to date.