Ballot initiatives will deliver major pay increases to millions of Americans this month, adding to the $7 billion we’ve already put into workers’ pockets.

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Winning 2018 Ballot Campaigns

✔️Utah Prop 3 100% in

Yes 53%

No 47%

Expanded health care to 150,000 people

✔️Idaho Prop 2 100% in

Yes 60%

No 40%

Expanded health care to 90,000 people

✔️Missouri Prop B 100% in

Yes 62%

No 38%

Raised the minimum wage for 677,000 people


2018 ballot initiative led to passage of a $15 an hour minimum wage

Raised the wage for 840,000 people


2018 ballot initiative led to passage of paid sick leave.

Delivered sick leave to 2 million people

✔️Nebraska I-427 100% in

Yes 53%

No 47%

Expanded health care to 90,000 people

✔️Colorado Prop 111 100% in

Yes 77%

No 23%

Halted abusive pay day lending practices

✔️Arkansas Issue 5 100% in

Yes 68%

No 32%

Raised the minimum wage for 300,000 people

✔️San Antonio

2018 ballot initiative led to passage of paid sick leave in San Antonio.

Delivered sick leave to 354,000 people

The Fairness Project Just Delivered Major Health Care and Economic Victories — Again

Since 2016, no organization has a better track record of delivering results for workers at the ballot box. The Fairness Project has now won 16 out of its 17 statewide ballot campaigns, delivering health care improvements for low-income Americans and putting more than $7 billion into the pockets of workers through our efforts to raise the minimum wage.

In 2018, our movement for change nearly doubled in scope, and we took the fight for health care and economic fairness into red states like Utah, Nebraska, Idaho, Arkansas and Missouri where we demonstrated how much Americans support progressive economic and health care policies across the country.

As a result of ballot initiatives this year, more than 330,000 Americans gained access to health care through Medicaid and two million more will get a pay raise through new minimum wage increases.

Support working families and The Fairness Project and the Fight for Economic Fairness


State Spotlight

Since 2016, no organization has a better track record of delivering results for workers at the ballot box. The Fairness Project has now won 16 out of its 17 statewide ballot campaigns, delivering health care and leave improvements for low-income Americans while putting billions into the pockets of workers. In just three years, we’ve delivered change for 15 million Americans, and we’re just getting started. Click on a state to learn more about our work.

  • Holly Sklar

    “We can’t build a strong economy on a falling wage floor. Workers are also consumers, and businesses need customers who can afford what they are selling. The success of ballot measures in Red states in 2014 sent a clear message: Americans across the political spectrum want to raise the minimum wage. We look forward to partnering with The Fairness Project in states where broad coalitions including business can work together to raise the minimum wage and grow jobs.”

    Holly Sklar, CEO, Business for a Fair Minimum Wage
  • Brian Kettenring

    “Creating systematic change isn’t easy. It doesn’t happen by mistake and can’t be created by one person or group. We are excited to work alongside The Fairness Project to support pro-worker and pro economic justice ballot initiatives that are happening across the nation.”

    Brian Kettenring, Co-Executive Director, Center for Popular Democracy
  • Adam Morfeld

    “Our partnership with The Fairness Project is the reason 90,000 more Nebraskans have health care. It brought together grassroots support, national resources and expertise, and a top-notch campaign team. It’s a model that works, and it’s one that I’d like to see us use again to make even more progress.”

    Nebraska State Sen. Adam Morfeld
  • Amy Halsted

    “Mainers have a long history of using the ballot process when progress on important issues is stalled in the legislature. The momentum for economic justice and access to health care is gaining across the country and we are excited to partner with The Fairness Project to find ways to leverage the current grassroots demand for addressing economic inequality into a series of policy wins in Maine in 2016, 2017 and beyond.”

    Amy Halsted, Mainers for Fair Wages
  • Andy Slavitt

    “Winning Medicaid expansion in red states like Utah, Idaho, and Nebraska was a complete game changer in the fight to expand health care, and none of it would have been possible without The Fairness Project. The message was simple, but poignant—Americans everywhere in this country want more health care —not less.”

    Andy Slavitt, former Acting Administrator of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services
  • David Bronner

    “Building a successful business and a better, more equal world are not mutually exclusive goals. I believe that The Fairness Project’s model embodies the AllOne spirit by enabling people to take real action, bypassing ineffective legislatures and using ballot initiatives to pass policies that encourage real economic fairness.”

    David Bronner, CEO Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps
  • Delvone Michael

    “We are proud to partner with The Fairness Project as we fight to create an economy that works for all of us, not just the wealthy and well connected. We believe that together we can use the ballot initiative in Washington D.C. to ensure that the American Dream is in reach for every family in our nation’s capital.”

    Delvone Michael, Director, DC Working Families Party
  • Arianna Jimenez

    “The Fairness Project’s early support had a significant effect on our campaign. They helped  develop and launch our website, and provided sophisticated data and analytic systems that would have been difficult to do on our own. The Fairness Project offered us an edge to help us win a $15 minimum wage in California.”

    Arianna Jimenez, Lift Up California Wages
  • Gaby Madriz

    “It’s clear that Americans from coast to coast want to see a change and we are proud to stand with The Fairness Project to bring real economic equality to the District. There is a national movement to Raise the Wage and we are proud to bring that here. Working with The Fairness Project allowed us to coordinate with other states and benefit from a national conversation about policy that is impacting everyday residents in our community.”

    Gaby Madriz, DC for 15
  • Paul Sonn

    “Ballot initiatives are an important tool that empower voters when Congress and state legislators have lost sight of the needs of our working families. We welcome The Fairness Project’s focus and effort to bolster minimum wage ballot initiatives and ensure voters can take another step toward economic security in their own lives and communities.”

    Paul Sonn, General Council and Program Director, National Employment Law Project
  • Joy Cushman

    “More and more people of faith in communities across America are coming together to fight for an economy in which all families can thrive. That’s why PICO is proud to partner with the Fairness Project to give working families a direct voice in raising wages and benefits in their states.”

    Joy Cushman, Campaigns Director, PICO National Network

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